Smart Home Products and Solutions

Enterprise smart home solutions for property managers and homeowners

From curb to couch, remotely manage and control every aspect of your community

SmartRent provides a robust range of products and smart home solutions to meet the needs of today’s renters and more importantly, the owners and managers of rental properties. With seamless integrations and a robust range of product offerings that can all be managed from one interface, our goal is to help make life more efficient for all users of our software.

Self-Guided Tours

Provide a contactless touring option for prospective residents.

Add flexibility to when your community can offer tours with and without leasing agents present. Our Self-Guided Tours solution can reduce spend while also extending the hours available to tour and volume of tours that are possible.

Smart Parking

Alloy Parking is a seamless parking space database.

Keep track of assigned parking spots, configure guest spots and implement a parking enforcement process. Stay on top of your parking management with resident parking decals and license plate validation.

Access Control

Community-wide access management from one platform.

Protect building entry, common areas and amenity spaces using our cloud-based access control system for commercial and multi-tenant properties.

Smart Apartments & Homes

Customized smart home solutions for multi-tenant buildings, rental properties and homebuilders

Smart homes offer an elevated experience for residents while providing property owners with one dashboard to remotely manage their entire community portfolio.

  • Connected Communities

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    Connected Communities

    A connected community combines SmartRent's product ecosystem to remotely manage entire portfolios from one, enterprise-level platform.

  • Community WiFi

    Community WiFi

    Our WiFi solution help hub connectivity by suppling a dedicated network. Deploy at new construction or retrofit an existing community.

  • Integrations


    SmartRent products have integrations with property management software, CRMs, voice assistants and many other software and hardware partners.

  • Asset Protection

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    Asset Protection

    Using IoT-connected smart home devices, we are able to provide real-time alerts in instances of emergencies.

The Value of Smart Home Products

Increase Revenue

  • Elevated resident experience provides an opportunity for increased monthly rent
  • Drive ancillary revenue with add-ons (ask us how!)
  • Smoother rental process and elevated resident experience leads to lower lease turnover

Asset Protection

  • Predictive maintenance through automated alerts & notifications
  • Work order creation integrated with PMS
  • Reduce your insurance costs

Vacant Management

  • Vacant Mode reduces utilities cost and saves onsite staff time
  • Keyless entry means vendors & maintenance use digital keys that expire after work order is completed
  • Add vacant units to self-guided touring list automatically

Operational Savings

  • Automated workflow processes streamline operations for managers and owners
  • Keyless entry means you'll never have to rekey a lock again
  • Reduce cost and logistical challenges

Community Manager

Web and mobile application

Community Manager is the name of our software that owners, operators and managers use to administer and configure community settings. We've also developed a native mobile application for ease of management on the go. Our robust software is scalable so users can continue to add products and integrations while enjoying the ease of managing their data from one interface.