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The SmartRent App Just Got Better!

The SmartRent App you know and love just got better with the SmartRent 3.0 Update. It was released to Google Play and the App Store on Monday, July 18, 2022. This update includes a smoother design for more intuitive navigation while managing your smart home. If that isn’t enough to peak your interest, check out our SmartRent 3.0 features list below for more exciting changes in this update!



  • Dark Mode is now available for all the night owls and battery life clingers  
  • Updated modern interface with reorganized menu for easier navigation
  • In-app thermostat controls are now more intuitive, making for a more enjoyable remote control and scheduling experience 
  • Animated interactive device icons to further enhance the new refined look and feel 

If you have automatic updates enabled on your phone, just sit tight. If you do not, you will need to visit the Google Play or App Store to manually update. The username and password that you have been using will not change. If you encounter any issues with the download or new version, please reach out to the Support Team at 844-479-1555 or [email protected]. We hope you enjoy all of the new features!

To learn more about our updated features in SmartRent 3.0, check out our How Do I Enable Dark Mode for the SmartRent App? and Where Did My Menu Button Go? articles.