What is a Repeater and What Can I Do With It?



Many of the devices in your smart home communicate with each other through a wireless protocol, Z-Wave. Like all wireless protocols, Z-Wave’s range can be limited or even blocked by certain walls and furniture. With the use of repeating devices, however, Z-Wave range can be extended beyond these limitations, providing a larger, more reliable network for your smart devices. 


Using Your Repeater:

The repeater is paired directly to your hub but it will not appear in the SmartRent App and can not be interacted with in any way. The device simply plugs into a wall and does its job behind the scenes. 


If your home has a repeater plugged in, do not remove it. Unplugging the device could sever the connection between the hub and other smart devices around your home, causing them to lose functionality. If the repeater needs to be relocated to another outlet, our support team can help you maintain a stable connection during the move. Please contact our support team anytime for assistance using the information listed below.