What Is a Smart Garage Controller and What Can I Do With It?

A smart garage controller is typically a device with some style of wireless communication (i.e. Z-Wave, Bluetooth, or WiFi) built-in. This device wires into your existing electronic garage door opener turning your ordinary garage door into a smart garage door.  This wireless communication gives you new monitoring and control functionality beyond that of traditional garage doors. 


Using Your Smart Garage Controller:

With the added wireless capabilities of your garage controller, you can remotely control your garage door from anywhere; a great feature for those times you leave for work and realize later you didn’t close the garage door. You can view the activity of your garage controller anytime within the app to check its current status as well as past activity. To make your life easier, create a Scene that automatically closes your garage door while also performing other helpful actions, such as locking your door. If you have any questions about smart garage controllers, please feel free to contact us anytime; our information is listed below!