What Is a Smart Switch/Dimmer and What Can I Do With It?

A smart switch or dimmer is typically an in-wall light switch with some style of wireless communication (i.e. Z-Wave, Bluetooth, or WiFi) built-in. This wireless communication gives you and your lighting new monitoring and control functionality beyond that of traditional light switches. Use a smart switch for simple on/off control and use a dimmer for the added ability to adjust the brightness of your lights as well.


Using Your Smart Switches/Dimmers:

With the added wireless capabilities of your smart switches and dimmers, you can remotely adjust your home’s lighting with the tap of a button in your mobile device; the perfect solution for that person that keeps leaving all the lights on. You can view the activity of your switches and dimmers anytime within the app to know when they were turned on or off. Smart switches and dimmers, however, really shine when you utilize Scenes, Schedules, and Automations to add ease and convenience to your everyday routines. Ideas for automating your smart switches and dimmers could include:

  • Turn your bedroom lights on at 8am
  • Set your living room lights to 10% when you activate your Movie Scene
  • Turn your lights on, off, or set brightness with your voice using Google or Alexa
  • And so much more... 

Smart switches and dimmers give you the ultimate control over your home’s lighting. Because these are in wall devices, they are subject to property manager approval and require electrician installation. If you have any questions about smart switches or dimmers, please feel free to contact us anytime; our information is listed below!