What Is a Smart Lock and What Can I Do With It?

A smart lock is typically a lock with some style of wireless communication (i.e. Z-Wave, Bluetooth, or WiFi) built-in. This wireless communication gives you and your lock new monitoring and control functionality beyond that of a traditional lock. 


Using Your Smart Lock:

Because smart locks give you a way to wirelessly communicate with them, you can remotely lock or unlock your doors with the tap of a button in your mobile device, eliminating the need to use a physical key. Smart locks give you the ability to create custom guest access options for friends, family, house sitters, etc. Most smart locks allow you to remotely monitor their current status (locked or unlocked) and past activity as well. Smart locks, however, really shine when you utilize Scenes, Schedules, and Automations to add ease and convenience to your everyday routines. Ideas for automating your smart lock could include:

  • Lock your front door when you go to bed
  • Turn on your living room lights when you unlock your front door
  • Lock your door with your voice using Google or Alexa
  • And so much more... 

To top it all off, most smart locks have an auto relock feature that ensures you never forget to lock your door. If you have any questions about smart locks, please feel free to contact us anytime; our information is listed below!