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How Do I Make Sure My ID Uploads for Self-Guided Tours?

Self-Guided Tours often have a requirement of submitting a picture of your ID and a selfie before beginning your tour of a community. It is important to get a quality picture of your ID uploaded so you will be able to take the tour you scheduled. 


Troubleshooting Your ID Upload:

If you are having trouble with the ID Upload and Selfie step of your Self-Guided Tour setup, please check the images you are uploading to ensure they meet our minimum acceptable requirements:

  • The image cannot be too dark
  • The image cannot be blurry
  • The image cannot have too much glare or be too bright
  • The entire image must be captured in the camera view
  • The image of the barcode cannot be blurry
  • The barcode must be in the entire camera view
  • The ID will only be accepted for persons 18 years or older
  • The ID must not be expired
  • The back of the ID must match the front

Successful Example: