SmartRent Mobile App

How Do I Change My Sign In Preferences?

Changing your sign in preferences gives you the ability to simply login to the SmartRent Resident Mobile App with the recognition of your face or fingerprint. In order for this to work in the app, you need to have Face ID Login or Fingerprint ID Login enabled on your mobile phone first. 


Customizing your Login Preferences:

Once logged in to the SmartRent Resident Mobile app, follow these steps:

  1. On the home screen, tap More in the bottom bar menu
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Login & Security 
  4. Tap Sign In Preferences
  5. Select the desired login settings
  6. Tap the check mark icon in the top right-hand corner to save changes


Stay Signed In and Biometric Login:

To save time logging into the app, you can choose to Stay Signed In. If Stay Signed In is disabled, the SmartRent app will automatically sign you out after five minutes. We recommend you opt to stay signed in only if you have a password or some other security measure already on your phone, since the app does allow you to lock/unlock your front door.

Additionally, you can enable the option to unlock the SmartRent App via fingerprint or Face ID. The type of biometric login offered will be dependent on the your phone settings and capabilities. To enable biometric login, simply toggle the Fingerprint/Face ID to green.