The SmartRent Leadership Team

Decades of experience in property management & developing innovative technology

Our Leadership Team

Multifamily community living creates a unique set of circumstances and the SmartRent leadership team has the industry experience to provide an actionable solution for property management pain points.

  • Photo of Lucas HaldemanPhoto of Lucas Haldeman

    Lucas Haldeman

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Hiroshi Okamoto PortraitHiroshi Okamoto Portrait

    Hiroshi Okamoto

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Photo of Brian RobertsPhoto of Brian Roberts

    Brian Roberts

    Chief Legal Officer

  • Photo of Heather AuerPhoto of Heather Auer

    Heather Auer

    Executive Vice President, Human Resources

  • Terry Danner HeadshotTerry Danner Headshot

    Terry Danner

    Executive Vice President of Sales

  • Robyn Young PortraitRobyn Young Portrait

    Robyn Young

    Chief Marketing Officer