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How Do My Guests Check-In for Parking?

Alloy Parking helps your guests use approved parking spaces in your community by following a quick and simple check-in process.


Guest Parking Check-In Process:

To check-in for parking, your guest should follow each of these steps

  1. Once parked, your guest will scan the QR code on Guest Parking Signs (alternatively, they can type the URL into their browser on their mobile device)
  2. They will input their phone number (the number provided will act as their account)
  3. Your guest will Agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
  4. They will input the six-digit verification code sent to their phone via SMS Text
  5. Your guest will select the spot they parked in and tap Continue
  6. They will input their license plate number
  7. They will choose a payment method (any major credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay)
  8. To complete check-in your guest will tap Start Session


Upon check-in, your guest will receive an SMS text message with a direct link to the check-in page. Through this link, they will check-out when they leave by tapping End Session. Your guest can also use this link to view their parking receipt or dispute a charge.