How Do I Adjust my Ring Notification Settings in the SmartRent Mobile App?

Ring Events must be enabled within the Notification Center in your mobile app. Once enabled you will receive push notifications and alerts as they are triggered in real-time. To adjust notification settings in the SmartRent mobile App, follow these steps:

    1. Open the SmartRent Mobile App
    2. Tap More in the lower right-hand corner
    3. Tap Settings
    4. Tap Notifications
    5. Make the desired changes
    6. Tap the back arrow in the upper left-hand corner to save changes


Double Notifications:

If Ring notifications are enabled in both the Ring app and the SmartRent Mobile App, you will receive Ring notifications twice. To prevent this, you will want to either disable Ring notifications in the Ring app or the SmartRent Mobile App.  Use the steps above to disable Ring notifications within SmartRent or refer to Ring for steps on how to disable notifications in Ring’s app.