How Do I Use My Honeywell T6 Smart Thermostat?

The Honeywell Thermostat is very easy to use with its large, modern, and intuitive touchscreen display. The screen includes + and - buttons, and sections to adjust the Mode, Fan, and other Settings



Controlling Your Honeywell T6 Thermostat:

To change Modes using the thermostat:

  1. Press the Mode button in the lower left-hand corner to switch through Heat, Cool, Auto, and Off
    • Note: Em Heat will only be available for communities that use a heat pump system; this controls auxiliary or emergency heat
  2. Cycle through the modes until the desired mode is displayed and leave it to activate


To change Fan Modes using the thermostat: 

  1. Press the Fan button to cycle through Auto, On, and Circulate
  2. Cycle through the fan modes until the desired mode is displayed and leave it to activate
    • Fan Modes:
      • On: The fan will run continuously
      • Auto: The fan will run only when the heating or cooling system is on
      • Circulate: The fan will run at random intervals at least 35% of the time to keep air circulating throughout your home


To change the settings of the thermostat:

  1. Press the Menu button once and you will see:
    • Away setting
    • Schedule
    • Screen lock
    • Z-Wave setup
    • Recovery
    • Clock
    • Date
    • Clean screen
    • Temp scale
    • Reset
    • EQMT status
    • Device info


Advanced Menu Options:

  1. Press and hold the Menu button for about seven seconds and you will see:
    • Device setup
    • Screen lock
    • System test
    • Reset
    • Range stop heat
    • Range stop cool

Thermostat Schedules:

Schedules can be used to automate your heating and cooling system based on your daily routines. Because your HVAC system will only be running when you actually need it, Schedules can also help you reduce energy usage, and, in turn, help you save money on your utility bills.

Many thermostats allow you to program basic schedules directly into the device itself. However, to ensure proper functionality of your thermostat within the SmartRent, please use the SmartRent App to configure your desired heating and cooling Schedules. For instructions on creating Schedules, refer to our How Do I Set Up a Schedule in the SmartRent Mobile App? article.