Community WiFi Solutions

Support your community with high-speed internet from SmartRent

Whether planning a new development or considering smart home solutions for your existing community, SmartRent Community Wifi provides a reliable connection and better overall experience for both residents and site teams.

What is SmartRent Community WiFi?

Community WiFi delivers seamless, secure connectivity across your property, from residents’ homes and site team networks to smart home technologies throughout the entire community.

Our Property Management System integrations make setup during move-ins and move-outs a breeze for both tenants and community staff, while generating ancillary revenue for owners.

community map connectivitycommunity map connectivity

Why it makes sense for residents

  • Provides fast, secure, and reliable internet
  • Quick, hassle-free setup
  • No equipment fees
  • 24/7/365 resident support managed by SmartRent

Why it makes sense for owners & operators

  • Increases Net Operating Income
  • Saves money on future connectivity updates
  • End-to-end white-glove implementation
  • 24/7/365 site team support managed by SmartRent

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