Smart Parking Solutions for Multifamily

Take control of parking at your community with Alloy Parking

Alloy Parking is a first-to-market, smart parking solution that is built for the multifamily industry

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    Real-Time Parking Data 
with Sensors

    Parking sensors to provide real-time occupancy data, violation alerts and historical trends.

After years of research and development, we have designed a robust application that alleviates the cumbersome parking issues most communities face day after day. You will now have visibility to which vehicles belong to which residents and take control of the safety of your communities by implementing our smart parking solution.

Unlike other products, Alloy Parking offers the unique ability to view the health and status of your community’s parking system all from our web and mobile software. Property staff can quickly view space availability, historical utilization, and assign smart decals all from our mobile app.

Real-Time Parking Data with Sensors

Our smart parking solution solves the challenge of knowing how spaces are being utilized in your community by providing real-time parking updates.

Today, operators may have a hard time today understanding which parts of their community are being used the most by residents for parking.

Through the use of sensors and long-range hubs, along with analytics provided by our software, operators will have the support needed for new parking initiatives to change a community’s parking configuration to increase ancillary revenue opportunities.

  • Receive automated, real-time notifications regarding occupancy
  • Keep communities safer by limiting unauthorized parking
  • Enable proactive parking enforcement
  • Provide insights into overall space utilization with access to historical parking trends

Parking Enforcement

SmartRent is the first to provide a proactive approach to parking enforcement. By utilizing parking sensors, our proprietary technology knows when a spot is occupied.

If a spot remains occupied for a set amount of time without paying, property management will automatically be notified.

They can then address this issue with the unauthorized parker or bring in towing enforcement if necessary. Sensors and clear signage eliminates confusion, and allows for property staff to focus attention elsewhere.

Today parking enforcement is largely reactionary and prone to issues because there is a lack of true managed parking policies at a community. This can lead to potential legal issues, resident complaints and overall poor experience at the community when towing vendors are left to patrol at will and discern on their who is in violation or not.

Integrated Interactive Maps

Easily manage your parking space inventory to accommodate staff, residents and visitors with our interactive map integration.

We’ve partnered with Engrain to create a customized, geo-located and accurate visual representation of your community's parking inventory.

  • Visually see real-time parking availability
  • View spaces with current violations
  • Allow resident to self-select spaces of their choice
  • See which spaces are most popular to optimize monetization

Single Source of Truth Parking Database

Our web interface makes it easy to import all community parking space data, transfer spaces to different rentable types, and update the number of spaces or assignments of spaces within your community in one place.

Having a true parking inventory database provides parking managers more opportunities to increase parking revenues, save time and create more consistent and predictable parking outcomes.

  • Easily view available parking and occupied spaces
  • Manage various parking space types, booking types, sections and areas
  • Add, assign and manage spaces
  • Add and manage vehicles
  • Assign decals
  • Validate vehicles by plate or decal

Alloy Parking can operate as a stand-alone smart parking solution or it can be combined with other SmartRent solutions because it is fully integrated with our Community Manager suite of product offerings. For a seamless onboarding experience, operators can easily integrate parking with their existing property management systems to create a single source of truth.

Guest Parking Management

Reduce unauthorized parking with our guest parking management solution.

Our featured signs will indicate guest parking with QR codes that guests can scan and register to pay for parking. This ensures only authorized guests are parking on property, while also increasing your property revenue for underutilized parking spots.

person scanning a guest parking sign with a QR code on smartphoneperson scanning a guest parking sign with a QR code on smartphone

Resident Parking Management

Residents will have access to their own parking management portal through their resident login.

Residents will be able to add or remove vehicles and edit vehicle details through the resident mobile app.

Smart Parking with Access Control

When you combine our parking and access solution, you can automatically supply credentials to specific residents who are authorized to park in specific areas. Property staff and residents can issue temporary guest passes if desired through our seamless integration.

Alloy Access reduces tedious daily management and enhances the user experience. Visit our access control page to learn more about our access management solutions.

Hardware and Software Partners

We work with many hardware and software partners to bring you the best functionality for your parking management system. Our property management and CRM integrations provide seamless connectivity with your SmartRent and Alloy Parking systems.

Contact us to learn more about Alloy Parking and see a real-time demo of our sensor technology.